Pretty Stolen Dolls

by K Dukey and K Webster


Having just finished this, my brain is completely addled, I feel as if I have been chewed up and spat back out and that is never a good thing…but don’t get me wrong this book isn’t just good, it is awesome.

This has so much going on that finding the opportunity to actually breath is almost impossible, you may find that you need to secret yourself away in a very dark corner and refuse to budge until you have finished. Honestly the book is too good to put down!

I am desperate to give a few clues but I promised myself that I would be completely spoiler free, this is a must read and if I could manage it cold then so can you. What I will say is that this will take a while to recover from, I haven’t been able to pick a book up since I finished this earlier today, I am emotionally spent!

The authors, wow ladies you rock, I am glad I am in good health because I seriously doubt that my heart could have taken much more, that ending …what were you thinking! I felt nauseous, ecstatic, elated and deflated all in the matter of a few chapters.

The desperation was bone deep, it hits exactly where it is going to hurt and knocked the wind out of me completely.

In fact there are few words that can do the intensity justice

Superbly written this is a book that you will not forget in a hurry, if at all. Had this been written by a single author I think I might have been a tad worried about the darkness that they dipped into in order to pull this story into the light but since there were two of them, the depth with which they took the story, well it knew no bounds, ladies you are twisted but dang you’re good at it and I can’t wait to see what comes next.

Topic: Pretty Stolen Dolls by K Dukey and K Webster

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