by Lila Monroe

There is always an air of giddy anticipation when I pick up a story by Lila Monroe, because I know that she is going to deliver everything that I hope and with this the latest in her Cupids Series I was eager to get stuck in.
April and Seth were great characters, I know from the previous books in the series April was a clever cookie, forging a career of her own and doing a darned good job of it. She has high hopes for her business, the only shame was that for a passionate woman that made other women’s dreams on the big day come true, why was she so unlucky when it came to finding that happiness for herself.
With friends that are happy in their relationships, she wasn’t shy about dating, but each date seemed to end in little more than abject disappointment …until the handsome Seth sauntered into her florist store but has she finally struck it lucky or will she be on the losing side of love again. I had my fingers crossed for her.
Seth was a great guy but he had his own demons to deal with, secrets that he was battling with and that I have to say I’m not sure I actually to grips with, there were a couple of question marks that hovered over his situation. I mean what the heck was with him and boss?
As expected, this was a great read, it made me question the characters and encourage me to invest in them and their story …result!

Topic: THE ROMEO EFFECT by Lila Monroe

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