Repeat Performance by Reese Galloway

Following on directly from finishing the first book in the series, I was on a high and full of hope and expectation for both Ellaine and Xander, they had captured my attention in book one and I was sure that they had great things to look forward too.

And then came the BUT.. I don’t know what but I initially seemed to lose Ellaine somewhere along the way, she just became hard to get a handle on or more to the point her thought process became difficult to understand.

I got that she was a product of her upbringing and the religious indoctrinations to some extent but dear lord, tell the man that he hasn’t got a hope in hell before you become physically involved.

Her confusion just left me confused and distracted me from the other stuff that was going on.

Xander, is as handsome as ever but he too is far from straight forward, he has his own secrets that hide within but he knows that with Ellaine he can have a something, a relationship that could be very special and he is going to use every trick in the book to make her see that they can do this together.

The past rears its ugly head for both Ellaine and Xander and they have to deal with not only the memories but the incarnations that end up before them, in Ellaine’s case it is her ever so slightly creepy ex-husband and his stupid stunts and for Xander it is a blast from his professional past that would have been better placed remaining in his history.

I did like the mystery that was apparent in this book, the unexplained events and hinted peril that surrounded them both.

It was an interesting diversion but dealing with this and the past only strengthens the fact that in order to move on they both have to lay their ghosts to bed.

Together they begin to do just that and to take baby steps forward together.

The book ended too soon for me, I wasn’t ready for the end to arrive when it did, I suppose that I just didn’t see the author choosing that point to draw the curtain on the events but on the other hand it may have been a stroke of genius because it has me looking forward to the next instalment.