Roots and Wings by M Mabie

This took me by surprise, in as much as it was completely different from the other M Mabie books that I have read.

While the author might have dialled the angst level down to a slow simmer (she didn’t get rid of it completely, but she snuck it up on me) and hitched the sweetness factor up, this is the perfect antidote to what at times can seem to be a sea of dark reads.

This is the romantic journey of Mutt and Vaughn, and the author gives them time to show us the depth and sincerity that they have between them, although at times I was internally hoping that they would gee things along.

Mutt was such a bull of a woman, she stood her ground in every aspect of her life and wasn’t willing to suffer fools and I admired her for that, I was whooping through much of her POV. But that is not to say that Vaughn was lagging behind, because he wasn’t and I adored him.

The story was fabulously written, the events were so succinctly described that it was as if I had a constant moving image rolling before my eyes, I didn’t have to wonder what was going on, it was all laid out before me.

This was a rollicking great read, it was funny, it was touching, it was sensitive and yet it was stoic and I was hooked from the beginning to the very end and I was very very sad to leave them, I think I could have continued to read for much longer.

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