Whispered Prayers of a Girl

by Alex Grayson

Hearing that this is a tough read, that I needed tissues and am yet to feel as if my heart has actually started beating again, isn’t exactly going to be a surprise if you have read the blurb because that little titbit makes it perfectly clear that this story was no walk in the park, but what I hadn’t anticipated was just how much the characters and their story were going to mean.

As each of them worked their way under my skin I felt them take hold and whether I wanted to or not, letting them go was far from simple.

The story was a cacophony of characters that mattered, of events that mattered and of relationships that mattered not only to those involved but to me too. I loved Alexander, Gwen, Kelsey & Daniel but if I had to say who I wanted to keep with me forever then there is only one answer to that…Kelsey

Her life was so touching, the fact that in her day to day life she was mute, her only expression coming in the privacy and solitude that her night time routine, her prayers affording her voice the opportunity to be heard, even if it was by no-one at all. I sobbed and wanted to pull her from the page and wrap my arms around her, if I could have I think I would have just sat on the floor beside her bed and cried buckets for this beautiful girl. Each and every time I read her prayers I was a blubbering mess.

But was there the opportunity of something special coming into her life, well with the introduction of Alexander into her mother’s life and therefore hers, I certainly hoped so.

But there was so much to overcome that I was reading with my fingers crossed. Alexander was practically a recluse until Gwen, there was something about this woman and her children that seemed to spark something in him and to shed light on the damage, the grief and the guilt that were crippling him. I could feel through the crack in his life that had resulted in the pain that he was weighed down by.

But fate had plans for this four and I am delighted that this was the case because these guys deserved something epic in their lives…little did they know that on that stormy night they would be each other’s epic!


Topic: Whispered Prayers of a Girl by Alex Grayson

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