Real Deal

by Piper Rayne

The dynamic duo Piper Rayne have struck gold with this the first in their Single Dad’s Club series because if this is anything to go by then what is to follow will be equally as strong.

This book concentrates on Marcus and Cat and having read the previous series (Modern Love) I was quick to realise that the Cat in question in this book has made an original appearance in the previous collection. I do love it when there is a continuity from one collection to another although I would say that the authors didn’t labour the connection.

A summer job at a kiddie’s camp is filling Cat’s time before she takes her final step towards the career she has always wanted…to be an artist. So with New York beckoning, this feisty twenty something has nothing but time of her hands and a head full of future plans. Ones that certainly don’t involve getting involved with anyone, especially not Marcus but unfortunately his little girl is one of the kids on camp so interaction is inevitable…I just knew that this was going to be good!

I liked Cat, namely because she was more than able to hold her own but there was something about Marcus that got under her skin and although she was no pushover, the way this defensive man was with his little girl was enough to melt any heart. His relationship with her was completely joyous, and that only highlighted that his relationship with Cat was going to be far from a done deal.

He played his card very close to his chest but the two of them had history and that meant that there was an element of uncertainty brewing between them that I wasn’t actually sure they were going to be able to work through, I mean Cat wasn’t having any of his domineering ways no matter how hard he tried.

I loved the fact that she gave him a run for his money and didn’t make things easy for him. He had to learn to come out of his comfort zone for her and it was that process that finally woke me to the fact that this was a man that I actually quite liked, because much like with Cat, he didn’t make things easy for me.

A fast paced, witty read about a single dad who finally meets his match. A sound read that is highly enjoyable and leaves just enough of a hint of the wonderful things to come in the rest of the series.

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