Broken by Alexis Noelle

Jeez, this is one that I just couldn’t put down. Like many of the books by Alexis Noelle stories there is no hanging about the story hits the ground running and had me totally hooked in the process.
The novel is brilliantly engaging, and that is because the characters have just that…character.
Max and Izzy have a lot going on in their lives separately so putting them together only ups the ante.
New prospect Max is looking to the guys in the club almost to fill a gap, one that I wasn’t actually completely sure he knew existed. This parents have been emotional absent almost his entire life, they may have been physically present but when it came to making sure that he was even remotely near the top of their list of priorities this is a couple that had a lot to learn about parenting! The club might not be everything that he imagined but the brothers mattered and he mattered to them, it gave him a senses of belonging and in a way a sense of purpose.
Izzy was such a beautiful woman, completely oblivious to her past with no memory of who she is or anything else for that matter, she is a clean slate. But the tattoo on her arm is enough to give her a star, a focus and the desire to move on. She was full to the brim of feistiness and attitude and that is something I really liked about her, I loved the fact that she may not know her past but she was willing to take her future by the scruff of the neck and make it what she wanted.
As you would expect the author leaves no stone un-turned in her pursuit of excellence, she gives both Max and Izzy the time and attention they commanded and ensured that the story was full to the brim with little gems of mystery and intrigue.
This was an afternoon, very well spent!

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