Blameless by Franca Storm

There are other books in this series but this can be read as a stand alone, personally I would say read the previous books in order to get more of the background materials, I think that the secondary characters in this book, who are obviously more prominent in the other books leave their mark on this story and you will need to know why.

Zeb Wilkes aka as Runner has avoided any form of commitment, settling down is an alien concept!

But when he gets kicked out of Temptress he has time on his hands and ends up at Sarah’s Place.

Now Sarah is no stranger to Zeb, so to speak, they have met previously but she is so far removed from the type of woman that he is used to that this shy woman might just be at the back of Zeb’s line.

But when he happens upon her in an uncomfortable situation while he is taking some time out for himself in the diner, he wasn’t ready to find himself playing the knight in shining armour.

Desperate to just have a few minutes to himself he didn’t like the look of panic that was etched on Sarah’s face.

He may be an ass but he has come to a point where something other than the life he is leading at the minute may look a little more appealing!

Sarah’s turmoil has started to settle down and she finally thinks she has finally found her happy place but life has other ideas and when her past confronts her, the one person she would least expect stands tall on her behalf. But is Zeb enough to keep the devil from her door?

Both of them have demons and danger littering not only their pasts but also their futures. They have scars that they hide so well but others demons refuse to lay down and play dead and Eddie may just be the one to finish not only her but Zeb off!

Eddie is the man you will not just love to hate you will NEED to hate, I wished I could have reached onto the page and wrung his neck!!

But could they find a happy ever after for them both and what toll would the struggle to get there take on them both?

Sarah has her hands full when it becomes clear that she is going to have to find a strength that she probably never realised she had in order to save them both. Would Zeb last that long, could he survive the challenges that he faces and the fight that seems to surrounding him?

Please have tissues to hand while you read this book – it is not a weepy as such but there are some aspects where they will definitely be required!

This is a well written book, it is descriptive and intense but it has its own unique deviances that allow it the opportunity to stand out from the crowd.

A great read.

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