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I have absolutely no doubt that I have been a bookworm since birth.

The pleasure of the written word is in my opinion almost immeasurable.

As an adult I look back at my childhood and know that without a doubt some of my happiest moments were found between the pages of whichever book I was lucky to have clutched in my hand.

And this is a trait that has followed me to adulthood. Well right up until the point where I had to admit that my home just wasn't big enough to house anymore books!

I fought so long against getting an e-readers, happy with a physical book in my hand (I suppose old habits die hard) but it was my lack of patience that did for me in the end, unwilling to wait for part three of FSOG, I relented and bought my first Kindle.

I now have three and my life and reading habits have changed beyond all recognition.I read every single day...without fail and the kindle is the only permanent feature in my handbag!

To my shame,I am absorbed and my poor husband of 25 years has become a book widower but then in return he has gained full control of the remote for the TV. He also picked up on the fact that there is absolutely no point in trying to engage me in conversation while I am trying to read, my attention and patience doesn't stretch that far! I appreciate the silence... God I love that man and his ability to breathe quietly!

My E-Library is seriously out of hand but I have no I sorry ...not one little bit!

It is now well into 4 figures and the cost, well I am certain I would only ever consider divulging that under extreme duress and that isn't even a given... Damn- Amazon and "One-Click"!!!!!!

A Married Mother of two grown up children and proud Nanny to two amazing and beautiful grandaughters. I am at my happiest surrounded by my whole family which unfortunately isn't as often as I would like these days.

The day job is as a Facilities Manager for a Global Software Company and with the exception of Reading and my family, my other absolute passion is F1( Motor Racing).


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