by AJ Alexander

A quick and quirky romance that didn’t just lean on lust it found itself knee deep in what can only be described as a sea of emotion. The first in a new series, the author didn’t leave anything to chance, she loaded the story with everything you could possible want but that didn’t mean that it had everything that you could need because there were times when I thought that the story was a little one sided.

Cole and Addison both felt something for each other when they initially met but Cole was more willing that Addison was to act on that attraction, which for a guy with his track record was a little surprising. I understood her reticence but it she was on a sticky wicket trying to deny the inevitable, Cole was not a man to be trifled with, he was willing to give it everything he had to show her that he was more than the man that she thought he was…but could he change her mind?

I enjoyed the humour that the author injected into the story, I found myself chuckling my way through much of the story, I found the story easy to follow, with a pace that drew me in and a captivating tone that encouraged me to not only stay but to make myself comfortable.

A solid read that I enjoyed and that has me chomping at the bit for the next in the series.


Topic: Fetch by AJ Alexander

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