Grinding in Greenville

by V Andrews, H Harbour and M Roberts


Well what an amazing ride, this story will push every button you have and the reason why, because it has it heart in the one topic that we all absolutely love, books!

Three of the best friends you are every likely to find, bonded on many levels but with an intrinsic love of books, or more to the point erotica – get in there ladies!!!

Marley had and unconventional upbringing to say the least but when the one man she can’t shake the memory of left her emotionally scarred her, she moved her purpose to the men that she can find hidden in the pages of some of the best romantic novels on the market. Searching out her own, Christian, Gideon or Remington means that no-one has to know who she really is and she can revel in her fantasy because it won’t break her heart. One night is enough for Marley, a serial love them and leave devotee. But she shake the spectre of Max forever?

Marley beat friend if Haylie, life was a rough start for Haylie but finally married to who she perceives to be the man of her dreams she has everything she could possibly want, or at least what her husband could possibly want her to have, because thinking for herself is definitely not on his agenda for her, this arrogant lawyer believes that he complete control of everything she does and that her role is to be the wife that he has determine fit for him, her self-worth is waning but when she discovers the truth of his late nights at the office, Haylie finally gets the gumption to call time on her shame of a marriage and walk out. You go girl, the arrogant fool deserves everything you can dish out! Picking up the pieces, Haylie knows she has Marley beside her and with the friend Tori also, she can stand tall and find her soul mate, or at least enjoy sampling what is on offer.

BFF number three is Tori ( Victoria) and she is the slightly more reserved of the bunch, not to say that she can’t let go but it is going to take a fair bit of coaxing to get her inner vixen to let loose. Tori is married to Jake, and I have to admit that I liked Jake, he stood up and took responsibility for Tori when she fell pregnant after their first night together, giving up all his youthful philandering and doing the honourable thing, but that responsibility so early on took a toll on them both and their relationship was loving but stale.

When Jake pushes the fact that they are stagnant and that they can’t continue as they are, Tori finally believes that she has lost the man she loves, because sexually naive, Tori doesn’t know how to be the woman that Jake wants and like the good little wife she has always given her husband wants he gets, even if that means he doesn’t want her.

With all their trials and tribulations piling up, they take time out for themselves and head off to a book signing a couple of days with nothing other than they favourite authors, so smoking hot models and a chance to forget it all and cut loose.

Does it all go to plan, not a chance, do they all find their happy ever after, well one of them never lost it and that resolution was woven beautifully into the story.

I liked Max’s determination but understood the dynamic between him and Marley. He was a fabulous Alpha male one that I would like to hear more from.

I loved the references that were made throughout the book to some of the giants of our genre and I hope that this is not the end for the ladies, they have more to give, their stories have a way to go and I would like to find a happy corner for them all to inhabit.

An unusual diversion from many of the books in this genre but one that was light and funny. Honest and heart-warming but raw in elements, giving credence to the fact that self-esteem is not bought or bred it is cultured, grown and developed within us all as we grow and shape our own futures. We are all a product of the events that we allow to shape us, not the other way round.