You've Got Fail

by Celia Aaron

I found this a book of two halves and quite cleverly so in my opinion.

The author took pains to lay the character foundations, I mean I was beginning to question her sanity as I got to grips with Scarlet because I wasn’t actually sure that I liked her and in all honesty, I couldn’t see that opinion changing …but bear with it or should I say her! I hated the way she was with Willis when she first met him, she was so disrespectful that it set my teeth on edge!

With regards to Willis, I again had mixed feelings because whilst he was a tad reclusive or should that just be a little inwardly shy, on the exterior he was everything I didn’t imagine he would be, he was as sexy as sin and had his whole alpha male personality down pat, this guy was a total dichotomy. But darn it, the way he was with Scarlet had me secretly whooping for joy!

As I said earlier, Scarlet came good as the book progressed and that was because this very talented author slowly started to drop in the reasons behind the way she was the way she was, and it was then that the actions that had me feeling so non plused towards her finally fell into place.

I would implore you to give the book and the characters the opportunity to give you their whole story and if you do, you will be rewarded with a story that is highly entertaining.

Topic: You've Got Fail by Celia Aaron

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