by Carmen Jenner

Take everything you think that you want from a 5 star read and throw it away because when Carmen Jenner is driving the bus, she makes darn sure that she’s driven the wheels off it – this is sooooooooooooo much more than a mere mortal could even contemplate.

Looking for a hot Rockstar romance…Yes? Well, this is not the book for you, because you need to set your sights so far above that particular bar to find where this little beauty has landed, this isn’t “hot” it incendiary… and sensationally so.

Emotionally astute, the story was so far from ordinary that I just can’t find the words to do it justice, some may say unique but after you have read it you will wonder if even that is adequate.

Levi Quinn won’t sneak into your soul…nope he will barge his way in and make himself at home, he is all sorts of messed up but when you listen to what he has to say you will realise that despite the fact that he has a list of qualities that for most men would have you running a mile, this narcissistic a**  is a man that you want to spend time with, because for me despite the fact that he niggled the heck out of me I just couldn’t put him down.

Be prepared to switch allegiances, and whilst you may feel as if you both love him and hate him equal measure, what you will also realise is the fact that you just can’t get enough of him, I felt addicted.

The relationship that developed between Levi and Brielle wasn’t what I thought it would be, they were poles apart but that didn’t seem to matter, because neither of them was fully equipped to hold down a standard relationship anyway, the author gave them exactly what they needed and in turn ensured that as their story played out, it rang true, it was an honest portrayal of what life for this complicated pair was like and for me that left its mark.

Sensational, in a class of its own.

Topic: CLOSER by Carmen Jenner

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