Keeping Her by Alexis Noelle

I have absolutely no intension of giving too much away with this review because like many of Alexis Noelle’s books – there is just too much good stuff going on to be able to pick out what really needs to be said without giving the whole plot away, really woman give my emotions a break will you, I’m frazzled!!

The book revolves around Julia and her relationship with both Brian and Dan.

Like many good plots, the crux of the problem is a festival of miscommunication, misjudged reactions and delusion. I found the complexity of the relationship between Julia and Brian easy to relate to because after all Love makes clever people do very stupid things.

Time may have passed and situations may have changed but feelings of both love and anger are abound and a resolution is not one that is likely to come easy. I got the feeling that especially with Julia that she considered that she may have too much to lose and fighting to hold on to what she had was easier than giving in to what she desired. Better the devil you know and all that.

I found the whole influx of secondary characters had my head spinning. There were so many people that I couldn’t help but want to tell them to keep their nose’s out, there were enough secrets and deceptions taking place that I think the author has enough material to fill god knows how many books..

You will be blindsided by some of the twists and turns that the plot unleashes along the way – other’s I have to say were a tad more accommodating – they evolved, a little like they introduced themselves along the way, giving a heads up to what they had intended for you – but every now and again, up stepped the big guns to blow all your preconceived notions right out of the water – I loved that the author kept me on my toes – so you have been warned pay attention,You may need to pick your chin up off the floor!!

The book completely held my attention and I  just couldn’t put it down, I was glad that I could invest enough time to myself in order to finish it in one sitting because I don’t know that I could have tormented myself for leaving the story alone for any period of time- I just had to know if Julia would make the right decision( in my opinion), if Julia and Brian could let go of the past and embrace a future that was so uncertain and if Dan – well I just wanted to see what he had to add to the mix and boy he did not disappoint ( I will say no more on that topic!!!)

The story was told with super smart precision, wit and clarity. It was a fast paced, page turner that I can only say,that in my opinion it was worth very minute that I spent in its company.