by Lila Monroe

Fabulously funny!!
These characters were determined to leave their mark and the author stopped at nothing to ensure just that the story was joyous.
Dylan and Poppy were great together even though if he had gotten his own way, they may never have had that opportunity, fate played the pair of them and they were all the better for it.
Dylan liked the ladies and I wasn’t surprised in the slightest he was never hurting for company so to speak or at least the opportunity for company but it was the woman in front of him, the one had harboured feelings for longer than he was really prepared to admit that he knew was the perfect person of him, he just had to convince her of that little titbit.
So, when he hired her, she was on a sticky wicket, trying to decipher just how she was supposed to help him…when she was the target!
I loved that the longer the spent together the better they became. The banter, the interactions, the chemistry all fanned the flames of desire that were already fairly spicy on their own accord.
The author pulled out all the stops with this one and it worked, they were fabulous, it had everything I hoped, there were moments of angst, more than enough attitude but more than that it was cohesive…it all made sense. The characters worked, the dialogue worked, the innuendo and assumptions worked…I hope you are getting the idea now…THIS BOOK JUST WORKS ON EVERY LEVEL!!

Topic: CUPIDS ANONYMOUS by Lila Monroe

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