by Amanda Lance


So, let’s just get this out of the way first and perhaps you will get a flavour of where this review is going. To the author…. Is there going to be another book?

From the first page, I was knee deep in a story that I just couldn’t put down. My day took on a hostage situation as I fell foul of the fact that my life was simple on hold for the day, thank the lord I picked this up on a weekend!

The author pitched this book, full to the brim with so much angst and attitude that there were times where I was literally left slack jawed. I was gobsmacked. I liked the fact that it wasn’t all fluff, the author took on tough subject matters with a sensitivity that I admired but she didn’t shy away from the pain that those subjects brought to the characters.

It was impossible not to love Jack from his first foray onto the page, he was as tough as they come but that hardened exterior hides a multitude of complicated secrets. He was a cantankerous soul in some respects but I understood, I accepted that, that was his right, he had been through so much and had kept it all contained for so long, I wasn’t sure how he was actually still functioning but he was, but when Aubrey entered his world, the light at the end of the tunnel might just have become a little bit brighter.

Once I got to see why he was the way he was and the truth of the secrets that were chipping away at him were, I found that I was smitten. Aubrey was something else, a woman with the heart of a lion, she was so strong, so determined and yet so compassionate.  

But what I took from the story about my love for the characters was the understanding that it takes a second to build regret, to find yourself in a situation that can so quickly devolve into something that no-one could or would ever think possible and your reaction to those events are often instantaneous and shouldn’t be allowed to define either your character or moreover your future.

Thought provoking in more ways than one but highly entertaining in every way that matters.


Topic: Trapped by Amanda Lance

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