by Rhonda Pollero

I had the utmost sympathy for Darby, the man she married turned out to be anything but the man she thought he was. But by the time she realised she was pregnant with Sean’s baby the writing was on the wall and in order to keep both her and her unborn child safe, she was left with limited options. Taking action was something she could no longer dither over, she knew it was a now or never situation because left to Sean, her life would continue to be little more than an ever-decreasing circle of abuse and danger.

Facing the most uncertain of futures, when she walks into the law office belonging to Jack Kavanaugh little did she realise that her life was going to change in ways she could have never have imagined.

Jack’s protective nature came to the fore almost the moment Darby sat down in his office, from the outset he could sense that she was different, she was more than a client or at least the possibility to become more was definitely there. But he has to make sure that her crazy assed old man is kept at arms-length. I loved seeing the protective side of his personality come to the fore, he changed his ways, his daily routine to ensure that she was safe and that Sean was not causing her any issues…could this need to protect her stay within the confines of being professional or was it always destined to be so much more?

It didn’t take long for the lines between personal and professional to not just become blurred but to be totally obliterated, he couldn’t help but care and in the long run, the connection between the two of them was always going to grow and increase in not only intensity but desire.

The author brought a story to the table that oozed charm, it was fabulously well written and gave me characters that I couldn’t help be feel engaged with. I wanted the best for them both and I really was wishing the worst for Sean, I love a story that gives you not only a hero but a palpable villain that deserves everything mean that I can summon up!

My first novel from this author but it will certainly not be my last.

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