Unlikely Allies by CC Koen

There is one star of this show and it Cece, she knocks spots off the other characters and that is a shame because I think I would have liked the whole story a lot more if I had been able to find more about Rick ( AKA Max to Cece) and Maggie to like earlier on.

Sorry, I should rephrase that actually, I did like Maggie for fairly early on it was Rick that I had a problem with. It took me half the book and I have to say it is a long book to get to grips with what was making this guy tick.

The connection between him and Cece was delightful but initially I found him more calculating than I would have liked, he was a use them and lose them man and that is not someone that I found easy to understand.

So apart from the beautiful friendship that Rick (Max) and Cece form, what is the book about?

 Cece’s mum Maggie has been had her life shattered at the hands of her ex, he really pulled a number on them but she has taken control and taken the steps she needs to make in order to build a future for not only her daughter but herself. But needless to say she is sworn off men for the long term!

Enter Rick, the sexy CEO that happens to work near Maggie- everything going for him, this seriously sexy man is a walking wet dream but she is not interested. And in some respects I thought she was doing the right thing because he wasn’t the type of man that I thought she was going to be able to hold on to – if she could nail him down in the first place!

Rick has absolutely no interest in getting into a relationship with anyone, but when he meets Maggie, his opinion quickly changed. He knew from the outset that not only was his heart lost to the cutest 4 year old that you will ever read but also to her fantastic mother, he just had to learn what he was going to do about it.

The journey was rocky – and I think that is putting it nicely, really they were hard work and at times, I wasn’t exactly sure they were going to be worth the effort.

I kept reading for Cece because I wanted to know that this little lady was going to get her happy ever after, even if I had to reach in and beat the two of them around the head.

I mean I was honestly screaming at the two of them to grow up!!

The story was as you would expect but the inclusion of Cece’s point of view was delightful. I loved seeing her little heart welcome Rick (Max) and I couldn’t help but smile at her musings.

I loved the way Rick was with her, he had a heart in there somewhere, although at times I was beginning to have my doubts.

A solid read, even if in my opinion it was a little too wordy – I think it could have easily been condensed slightly but that is not to say that it was not a pleasant read, the characters took time to connect with – well the grownups did!