Love With Me

by Kristen Proby

This might be the eleventh book in the series and I will admit that the story does at times seem to fall into a similar mould as the others, but that doesn’t mean that I didn’t love it just as much, I did.

I love the way the story is brought to life, I felt the intensity that flowed between Joy and Jace and revelled in the realism that they brought to the page but of course that isn’t to say that everything was seen through rose coloured glasses because it certainly wasn’t, Ms Proby made sure of that.

Joy and Jace have been by each others side for almost all their adult lives, best friends from their college days they have remained just that… best friends.

But there comes a time when that situation has to change, for good or bad, nothing stays the same for ever and this story takes us through that time with them both.

Life as one of the best cardiothoracic surgeons is on hold for Jace as the hospital investigates the unexpected death of one of his patients, Jace is certain that he did nothing wrong and reluctantly accepts that he has to let the system do its work and investigate but with nothing but time on his hands he faces a dilemma…what on earth does he do with his time now?

Well, it was no great surprise that he turned to Joy, he knows she will be there to support him and she is but this time the two of them don’t take long to realise that there is something else trembling along below the surface of their friendship. Something that may have always been there before but that they have managed to ignore…this time there is no getting away from it, they are so much more than just friends, the big question is just who is going to put it all on the line first?

I loved that they both realised that there was a subtle difference now about how they both reacted to each other, how they spoke, behaved and even gestured was all just that little bit more than it had before…their friendship had begun to morph it something much more than they had probably anticipated and there was the chance that having more could also lead to having nothing at all if it all went wrong? The situation was beautifully delicate but yet so basic, I just wanted to yet at them both to take that leap of faith they had it all to gain!

And when they did…Oh my it was glorious! It was delivered beautifully and with sensitivity and for me it just worked. It said so much about not only Jace but also about the level of trust and depth of feeling that there was between the two of them.

With a super cast of supporting characters, this was a super addiction to what is proving to be a series that continues to give unequivocal joy!


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