Cocky Bastard by Penelope Ward and Vi Keeland

Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant, brilliant……. Are you getting the message that I loved this yet!!!

Because if I have to shout it from the roof tops I will – this left me with the biggest smile on my face it was simply delicious!!!

A standalone that was everything you could possibly want all wrapped up in one gloriously cheeky package.

All packed up and on a cross country drive, Aubrey is a lady with an issue – car trouble! Stopped at the gas station, she is bartering the fact that she has a flat tyre against having to give the cheeky broken down biker a life to the east coast with her on return for him swapping out the wheel.

Chance is making his way to California but the reason why is not clear, after his bike refuses to start at the gas station, he is riding shotgun with Aubrey and this is a trip that neither of them will forget.

I loved the banter between the two of them, from the Obama bobble head incident until the minute he put his butt in her car and I knew that this pair were destined to make my heart sing.

I loved the fact that Chance challenged Aubrey – he gave her all sorts of headaches really, switching up her itinerary and almost baiting her into stepping outside her comfort zone.

When a mishap in the car results in a trip to the Vet and them taking on an additional travelling companion, my complete descent into the realm of absolute absorption was done, I had no defence this book owed me!!! 

I loved the goat, I loved the names, especially Chance came up with for him, when he called him Mutton I spat my tea all over the place I was laughing so hard!

And then Vegas happened- and as much as I thought that they finally stood a chance at a happy ever after, especially after the fake wedding, one night was all they were destined to have and when the morning after happened and one of them wakes up alone, I was so distraught for them and completely confused I could barely read but I couldn’t possibly have put the book down, I needed to find out what the hell had happened!!!

So when the truth comes to light and the reasons for two wasted years are explained, it left me aghast but could Chance earn a second chance with Aubrey or has too much passed for the two of them? Has this cocky man lost the woman that has been his reason for opening his eyes each morning?

His endeavour and determination was simply staggering and of course the goat was in on the act!

Aubrey had a life that Chance had abandoned her too, one that she had learned to embrace and one that she was trying to enjoy, until Chance swopped back in and did everything he could to sweep her pain away and show her that she could trust him again.

This pair will hold you captive, every minute you spend with them is delightful and each word is placed precisely to garner the ultimate enjoyment.

Both authors simply blasted this right off the bat… loved every minute!!!!