by Rebecca Norinne

4.25 Stars
So, as you may not know I really, really enjoyed the first book of this series and was totally engaged by Declan in that book…. but fickle as I am I can now say Declan who? Eoin is the man! (albeit a young man!)
College friends Eoin and Aoife are 22 and 21, have been always been in the same social circles, aware of each other but nothing has ever materialised between the pair of them …but as you would expect, all it takes is one night and all that is about to change.
I can’t give you spoilers, I really wish I could tell you what happens and just how much you will love getting drawn in to the drama that surround the two of them but it would be unfair, theirs is a story that is best served naked, unfettered and with an open mind.
Give this pair of youngsters the opportunity to share their lives with you, you will not be disappointed.
Emotionally this was more than a little teary at times but it wasn’t all tissues and tantrums, it was peppered with humour, and had so many twists and turns that it is one that you may find impossible to put down.

Topic: RUCK ME by Rebecca Norinne

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