Shame on You by Tara Sivec


Shame on You by Tara Sivec

At only 127 pages the book is very short – enough to occupy you for an hour or so at most but I would have definitely liked it to be a little longer. Not to say that I didn’t enjoy the book because nothing could be further from the truth, I loved it. This was Tara Sivec at her best!

As book one in the new Fool Me Once Series the story centres on the Private Investigation Agency that has been established by three long term friends.

Kennedy the former US Army Veteran, and her two very best friends. The stunning former model Paige and the hardnosed Attorney – Lorelei.

Each most definitely has a story to tell and has been on the wrong end of love but survived – not completely unscathed but survived none the less.

The ladies started their agency to make sure that those who play with fire don’t always get burnt and the foolish don’t get away with heaping misery on the unsuspecting.

This the first book is Kennedy’s story and it is a great start to the series.

Kennedy is one tough cookie. Following in the family footsteps she joined the military but the only girl of the brood, she is most definitely out of step with the guys in some departments – she may fit the mould of being confident and self- assured but when it comes to affairs of the heart, she is set adrift.

The recipient of a cheating husband, Kennedy now plays her cards close to her chest and when it comes to love – she is an advocate of the once bitten twice shy school of thought.

Little does she know that her applecart is about to be well and truly upset. Because her father has just hired the one person she really doesn’t want to see again – apart from her ex-husband that is.

Griffin Crawford was Kennedy's friend growing up and had been best friends with her husband. But a misunderstanding and a partially overheard conversation in the heat of the moment has left things between them strained and complicated. But there is definitely a passion between them that is just bursting to be let loose.

Chasing a bail jumper they make a bet with each other – each thinking that is they can get to the jumper first they will get their own way – Kennedy thinks she can win and this will get Griffin out of her life for good but Griffin has other ideas his plan is to get Kennedy into his life, front and centre- once and for all. He has waited 18 years for her and has no intension of waiting any longer.

Needless to say the interaction between them is spicy to say the least but most of their story is told retrospectively. And while it is inevitable very early on that they will get together, the actual event is dealt with swiftly.

The storyline is short, sharp and to the point – much like Kennedy herself but the dialogue and story is told with all the usual panache and humour that Tara Sivec can muster and that is none too short in supply...

A fabulous, quick and hysterically funny read – settling the scene for the remainder of the series – bring it on.


Rating 4.5 out of 5