Kellen's Redemption By Aden Lowe

You may recognise the name but this is more than you will have ever considered when you read about Kellen in the Hunted Love Series because this time he is the leading light in his own story and what a story it is.

The first in Aden Lowe’s new MC series this is the Kellan show but he couldn’t possibly do it on his own he has a woman in tow and she is no meek and mild damsel in distress, Vicki is one kick ass female and every inch the woman that Kellan needs by his side.

Kellen is the President of the MC club and he has the whole sexy, edgy, badass down to a tee – what’s not to love? Vicki deals (no not drugs) she deals weapons and when the two of them met the sparks flew but in true MC style, Kellan had no intension of his liaison lasting more than few hot and steamy session but he beat himself into submission because one taste was never enough!

Vicki was as everything that Kellan never knew he needed and she had it all in spades but what I loved most about her was her sense of humour and her ability to keep her man in his place, she was just fantastic.

Kellan had the bad guy vibe going on but it wasn’t all that he was, he had heart that held him on the right side of what Vicki wanted and he was prepared to do whatever he needed to keep his woman happy and with relation to a small matter of the Russian mob, he used everything at his disposal to keep her safe.

The book has so much going on it was disappointing when it ended. I could have read on and on, I was completely engrossed.

A sexy read that leaves you with the promise of so much more to come in what I anticipate will be an amazing series.