Nights at Seaside 

by Addison Cole

In what can only be described as true Addison Cole style, she delighted as only she can in a story that delivered everything you could possible wish for.

Sky was the epitome of a free spirit, willing to just be who she is with little expectation and a whole lot of aspiration, happy in her own skin she decides to embrace her artistic nature and opens her own tattoo parlour.

I liked that it was her that had the tattoo shop, so often I have read about guys owning and running these establishments, it was great that with Sky she was able to break the mould so to speak, if only she could get her overprotective brothers to take a step back too, she may finally be able to live the life she dreams of.

And that might just come true, when the hot guy that she couldn’t help but drool over when she clocked him strumming away on his guitar at an open mic night happens to find his way into her shop the very next day…surely fate was giving her a helping hand!

From the minute, they meet, their connection takes off at lightning speed but I never felt it was rushed if that makes sense, and I think that was because they made sense. Yep they had their ups and downs and Sky was less than happy with his career in the boxing ring but will his plan for just one more bout be a step too far for her or will he find another way to secure the future that he wants, not only for himself but also his folks?

I loved the connection this pair had, the depths that the author went to in their story and the fact that not everything was cut and dry, this was a relationship that would take work and they had the wherewithal to do just that.


Topic: Nights at Seaside by Addison Cole

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