Closing the Deal by Hayley Oakes

Banished on assignment to Oklahoma with a guy that she really just can’t stand, Charlotte Blake feels as if she is paying a heavy price for a moments lapse in concentration but when your career is effectively on the line you just have to suck it up I suppose or at least that’s what she thought.

Luke was everything she really couldn’t stand, a self-absorbed playboy who in her opinion isn’t worth the time she has to devote to him, while he on the other hand is sure she has a stick stuck so far up her a$$ that she doesn’t know the meaning of the word relax.

But they both have ulterior motives, they both have a point to prove …and not only too each other.

I admired Charlotte’s enthusiasm and her absolute dedication to her job, but did the powers that be see what she did?

I was also taken a little by surprise that Luke felt like he needed to show his family, namely his dad that he could hold down his position and complete the task that was set for him, his father had a pretty low opinion of him and he was all about changing that perception for good…but could he cut it?

They really were poles apart, Luke revelled in his freedom, the opportunity to cut loose, taking very few things seriously but Charlotte on the other hand was all about the being a grown up, all about her job, and her family namely her brother but making this project work meant trying to find some common ground, trying to find a way for them both to get what they wanted.

Could they manage to pull off the impossible or would they throttle each other in the process? I was beginning to think that this was all headed south but there was just something about the pair of them that hooked me in.

I found the characters really easy to understand, the author laid them out in such a way as it wasn’t difficult to fall for the pair of them.

Yes, they had their emotional issues and as you would expect those issues played a really big part in who they were now, but I liked the fact that the author was willing to devote a lot of time to making sure that I had everything I needed to be able to understand what was going on.

The book was really well written and the characters were perfectly developed but of everything I would have to say that the author attention to detail was the star of the show!

Topic: Closing the Deal by Hayley Oakes

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