One Dom to Love

by Shayla Black, Jenna Jacob,

& Isabella LaPearl


Having never read anything by the authors I was at least able to read with a completely open mind and no expectations and to honest I think in this case it was a good thing. Because there were aspects of the book that were both easy to love and hate.

Both of the leading men has aspects of their characters that I did not like, Macen especially I found a complete conundrum.

He said he loved her but it was only ever on his terms, because no matter how much she tried to show him that she wanted him, he continually rebuffed her.

At one point I turned my kindle off and thought about whether or not as a woman Raine should allow herself to appear to be so vulnerable but she thought she was in love and love makes you do stupid things. I myself felt that she was more consumed with Macen than in love- she felt a connection because he had always been there, like she was beholden to him.

Macen has sworn to protecting Raine, he has taken care of her for years but he is also the man that deals the most crushing of blows when, after opening her heart to him he allows her to walk away- straight into the arms of Liam.

Both men are Dom’s but they most definitely not the same.

While Macen oozed power, Liam employs more discrete methods to insure that Raine not only falls but remains under his control.

Oh and don’t forget to add Beck into the mix, life could get very interesting with him around.

Raine can give as good as she gets but being hurt by Macen has dented her resolve and why she can still stand firm, she is open to Liam and his wily ways! Although I have to say that I had my doubts about his motivations, I have no doubt that in his own way he too loves her. I actually think that he understands her and wants to be the person she can rely on.

But can Raine settle with Liam or will there always be a pull back to the formidable Macen?

The story was well told and quick to give up its secrets, but with more of their story to come I am sure there are a few more twists and turns to be unveiled.

I mean can the authors give me the happy ending that I have my fingers crossed for- can they make sure that Macen gets what he deserves, that Liam and Raine stay together and that Beck- oh, Beck just what can they do with you ???