In the Moment

by Alison G. Bailey

A short snappy read that covered all the bases and brought more to the table than its few short pages would have implied.

There was plenty of back story and secondary characters peppered through the tale and while they all added the required elements that I think the author had anticipated, it was the main characters that certainly lived up to their billing because they were both engaging and likeable.

Cadence is trying to move on to change things up a bit and live for the moment as the title would suggest but is she really ready to grab the opportunities that present themselves?

Luken was a confusion for Cadence, one she didn’t see coming and in some respects didn’t know how to deal with. But while she dithered, Luken was making darn sure that what he wanted didn’t slip through his fingers…namely Cadence.

Convincing Cadence that he was certain of what he wanted and that, that did in fact mean her, was a tougher gig than it should have been, I don’t think I would have needed telling twice, the guy was such a sweetheart! But that being said, please don’t think he was a push over far from it, he tested her boundaries and made her face up to things that she would have rather left well alone and he did it all with an air of calm and caring that tempered his stubbornness.

I thought Cadence was almost searching for an escape route at times, looking for a way out that would finally see Luken give up on her and walk away, little did she know that this guy was in it for the long haul and wasn’t willing to let her deter him.

A sweet read that swallowed up just enough of my time to leave me feeling absolutely content.

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