Drifter by Bella Jewel

I think this is almost a 4-star book, but in all honesty I am not exactly sure.

The book was good; it was well written but it sort of pitched a little for me.

It had a few too many WTF moments for me along the way and just when I wanted the story to spring to life, it petered away.

I liked Mercedes, she was as sharp as a tack, more than able to handle herself and not shy of laying the smack down when necessary but boy did she had a mouth on her!

Diesel was a little too broody for much of the book, I had a hankering that he was a good guy under all that angst, it just took a little too long for him to show his true metal.

I was hoping for a little more depth, more detail. I mean this the kids of who different two MC clubs here, it should and could have been crammed with the comings and goings of their families and the hassle that being together would cause, it all seemed to wither away too easily.

I love Bella Jewel and I have to say that the book was well written but I think after the first book in the series, I was just looking for more.

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