Paper Hearts

by Claire Contreras


Get lost in a world that will blow your mind.

This is the ultimate second chance love story and it is a love that was worth not only waiting but fighting for.

Jensen and Mia grew up together, and the first flush of youth lead to the first spring of love, a love that as much as they may have wished for, was never meant to be their forever.

But when, what they had fell apart, the pain and recriminations that surrounded them both was heart breaking, but life can be a cruel mistress and sometimes you have to have the hard times to show you what the good times are really meant to feel like, to have the lost loves to show you when you need to hold on and fight for the one love that you know your heart will stop beating for if you ever let it slip through your fingers.

Jensen and Mia, were that for each other but not at that time in their lives.

What happened between them was painful and rectifying that even after all this time was never going to be an easy task but when you are guided by nothing but your heart, you have nothing to lose. Jensen loved Mia with every fibre of his being but she was right to be wary of him after what had transpired but if he had to spend every minute of every day trying to make it up to her he would, he would show her that he never meant to hurt her, that he had and would always love her and that now he was the man she deserved, the man that deserved to have her by his side and to call his own, he never believed he was that for her before and he knew she deserved no less.

But could Mia let him in again? Could she allow herself the hope that the man that she has loved entire life has really changed and will never hurt her again?

This was a love story that was beyond exceptional. It was emotionally superb and creatively it blew me away.


Topic: Paper Hearts by Claire Contreras

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