Clash by CA Harms

Payton has it hard, her mother skipped on both her and her father years ago but when you get to know the type of man that her father is, well to be honest I’m not surprised.

Payton’s father is an abusive a**.   

But he doesn’t define her, she is better than that but it is not easy trying to keep the darkness at bay.

Casey her BFF may be the light in Payton’s life, but it is her brother Dylan that is the love of her life. It is just a shame that Dylan sees her as nothing more than his sisters friend.

But when her father pushes things too far, it is Dylan that is there to pick up her broken pieces.

I still don’t think he knew what was going on in her head, or his for that matter because despite the fact that she ends up living with him and his family, he still doesn’t seem to pick up on the way she feels or perhaps he is just being a typical guy and not recognising what is right under his nose.

But he needs to get with the program pretty sharpish because it doesn’t take long for Payton and Casey to fit in with college life and that includes the parties.  And when he is confronted by the fact that if he doesn’t want Payton she is going to step back and watch while other guys hit on her, Dylan soon has a change of heart.

Once he realises his feelings are a lot more than he initially thought he also has to work out what exactly that means for the two of them, after all he is party to what Payton has been through, the pain and suffering that her father subjected her too and the fragility of her heart is something that eh takes very seriously. The last thing he wants to do it dive in too strong and have her running or the hills.

I like the way Dylan approaches the feelings that manifest themselves between the two of them, the fact that they give what they have growing between them time to grow and I also like the fact that Payton can see Dylan as her positive, her support and “hers”

The story took a super emotional turn when Payton has to deal with her father’s release from prison, I really found that hard to cope with but was delighted for her character that she had a plethora of super friends to stand with her and help her through.

This was a sparklingly emotional read, it gave me characters that had more than enough on their plate but who refused to let life beat them down. It gave me a young man that was willing to stand by his girl no matter what and that was fabulous.

It blew my socks off with a twist that I just didn’t see coming at all and probably wouldn’t have done in a month of Sundays, bravo Ms Harms this was so much more than I anticipated and I bl**dy loved it!!!

Topic: Clash by CA Harms

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