Play Maker by Katie McCoy

Ladies, prepare to meet the woman of your dreams! Yep, stop rolling your eyes, you heard me right ….because as much I adored James Martin and all his British, sexy football ways, there was one star of the show in this book and that was the formidable Nicole Grant!

Life had limits when it came to Nicole or should I say that Nicole had limits on life?

With a disabled brother that she had an unwavering connecting with, everything else played second fiddle as far as Nicole was concerned and that included herself. No matter how strong, how independent she was, her brother Mickey needed her and that was where her loyalty lay. Romance and relationships were never on her agenda and in many ways she almost sabotaged her happiness for his wellbeing.

But was she ready for the challenge that James was about to set her, because this heartthrob is ready to make some changes in his own life, Nicole just didn’t realise that they included her (mind you neither did he initially!)

James had the world at his feet and countless willing women available to him at the click of his fingers but he was ready for something more but he just had to go and set his sights on the one woman that’s not looking for anything more in any way, one night was all she wanted but what happens next is the struggle that ensues when that one night just wasn’t enough for either of them?

Nicole’s internal struggle really pulled at my heart strings, the emotional tug of war between her head and her heart when it came to caring for her brother and developing what she had with James, meant that I didn’t envy her position one little bit.

She wanted James and everything that went with him but the dilemma she faced was a tough one. The weight of expectation that she had placed on her own shoulders meant that she had a fight on her hands to almost allow herself her shot at happiness.

I loved the characters their tone, expressions and attitude, everything that the author was able to impart into them. They were both realistic and endearing, I understood the premise of the book fairly early on but that didn’t take anything away from the enjoyment I garnered as the story unfolded.

This was a romance in every definition of the word, they may have had to work to get to where they wanted to be and they may have had to face a few hiccups along the way but they had a purpose…they had each other.

Topic: Play Maker by Katie McCoy

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