Bleeding Love by Harper Sloan

There aren’t enough words to describe the smile that this book brought to my face.

I loved, loved, loved it!

This is Liam and Megan’s story and it is one that has been a long time in the making.

Megan, wow this beautiful woman has hidden her heart for too long, refusing to move on, she lost a part of herself when her partner failed to return from his mission overseas and despite the fact that she has the most amazing and beautiful daughter Molly (who is a complete scene stealer) she is living a life that is a shadow of what she deserves.

She deserves to be worshipped, to be loved for the magnificent woman she is, to have a man that would walk over hot coals for her and unbeknown to her she has just that man.

Because Liam Beckett has had her in his sights for longer than he would care to admit but he has shown the patience of a saint in his bid to ensure that when he eventually got his opportunity it would be the one shot he needed and he would get Megan- all of her.

Liam – geez, He is all Beckett – every inch his father’s son, he has determination in bucket-loads and just plain refuses to take no for an answer. He is a sexy as sin and when he when brings his alpha tendencies’ out to play, heck they are out in force – I am beginning to think that this town must have a heavy dose of Alpha added to the water!

Having had enough of waiting, Liam makes his move and when he does it is futile for Megan to fight him, not that I think she really wants to. He will not be deterred!

She is just so conflicted. But this is a story about finding the ability to love and trust again.

To learn what it takes to open your heart to an unconditional love when it is offered to you and to accept that the person offering you their heart is willing to keep yours safe in return.

Megan has to let go of the past and set her soul free, to accept not the love that Liam is offering her but also to accept that what she and Molly deserve is to be happy.

Liam, well the man is just a real gem. He refuses and when I say refuses I really mean it – he doesn’t give her room to deny or resist what he is offering her. He goes on a full on assault to make her see that she just has to learn to live again and that he is just the man that she needs by her side while she does it – he breathes life into her, awakening all the dormant emotions that she has buried inside for so long. He stands tall, making her see that she is not alone, in fact she will never be alone again, she will always have him, and he will never let her fall.

I read this story with a glass of wine in my hand and a box of tissues by my side, I adore the work that Harper Sloan produces and I especially love the guys from Corps Security and this opportunity to see their families as they continue to age , grow and forge new relationships just makes my heart melt.

I adore the fact that we get to see the guys all over again – the interaction between Axel and Molly, well what I would give to have a visual image of that, I hope it would be half as good as the one I have in my head.

Oh and one more thing Nate… damn xx