Darkness Embraced

by Tillie Cole

I’ve followed this series from the very first book and what I like about the series is that there is no rush, the stories are an evolution, there is ace about who and why each of the characters are involved but there is also an element of nothing having been over thought on construed, it all just happens because in the world of the Hangmen this is how it would naturally fall into place and with this Darkness Embraced, I thought that, that trait in particular was what made it all click.

I should have been wondering how on earth the author was going to piece it all together but instead I had the confidence to just settle down and allow her and of course the characters to yet again transport me to their mad bad and oh so beautiful world, where they each have their place to be, their women who love them and a purpose that they not only embrace but also relish.

If you haven’t read any of the previous books in the series then I would beseech you to pick them up, not only because they would blow your mind but also because I believe that you would get much more from this story if you knew the background of the guys that feature so prominently.

From the outset not, everything is exactly what it appears to be with this group of characters and as with previous stories this seems to be the way the author likes to ensure that each twist and turn packs the ultimate punch.

This story was essentially about Adelita (I love the name!) and Tanner and boy did they have a story to tell but I liked that the author allowed me the opportunity to catch up with the other guys in the club- namely Styx who I have had a soft spot for far too long!

I think this was the most epic of enemies to more stories, I mean Tanner and Adelita could have been on more opposing fields, he the heir to the Klan and she the daughter of a Cartel boss but love knows no limits and from their first interaction what fizzled between them was so much more that either of their families would ever permit – so how to have what you want when there is nothing but carnage around you, that was their dilemma…???

I thought the author provided me with a couple that despite the ugly side of life that surrounded them, that I could get behind because the love that I could feel growing between the two of them completely drew me in and I didn’t want life to beat them down, I knew they just had to fight for what they  had because it was theirs and theirs alone and in their situations that had to account more. They were absolutely perfect for each other, they embraced the danger that lurked around almost every corner true to themselves an di was cheering them on every step of the way.

Engagingly dark and dangerous, each page was filled with emotion, sometimes good and sometimes bad but always entertaining. The author ensured that it was impossible to take my eyes of the page for a second, there was no skipping with this little beauty, the characters and their situation ensured that there were twists and turns around every corner that surprised the s**t out of me…honestly I didn’t know that I could hold my breath that long!!

Be prepared to fall in love with a couple that had the weight of the work against them but that were still willing to fight for their own unique happy ever after…the question is did they get it?


Topic: Darkness Embraced by Tillie Cole

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