The Billionaire's Favorite Mistake

by Jessica Clare


I read the blurb and was really keen to read the story and for the main it was an enjoyable read but some of it wasn’t at all my cup of tea so to speak. The story is well written, the scenario is tried and tested, it was the characters that did me in, or to be more specific it was speed with which they initially appeared to be hurtling towards the inevitable.

Their initial meeting blew my mind but not in a good way, I didn’t see any realistic way of coming back from that sort of situation but then again, I suppose finding out that you are going to be a parent is a game changer.

But heck it doesn’t have to send you completely off the deep end and for a fraction of a minute I was beginning to worry about Asher and his state of mind, he was like a thing possessed in his determination to make Greer see that she belonged with him and that he wanted both her and the baby, dang man, have you never heard of moderation!

But all that being said, I am pleased I stuck with the two of them because they came good in the end, they slowed their situation to a speed that I found I could accept and manage and almost evolved into their relationship, they had gotten off on the wrong foot, much like I had with the story and they slowly but surely took the steps they needed to work out their issues and win me over.

Topic: The Billionaire's Favorite Mistake by Jessica Clare

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