Totally Rocked by K E Osborn

Book Three and for me this is the best so far – it can be read as a standalone but I would encourage you to read the books that have gone before, they will give you a flavour of the quality of the whole series.

Ella’s band Stalked are about to hit the road and Colter Slade’s daughter is living a life that she was not necessarily born to be in – but one that following her adoption, she has embraced and through her famous parents she has not only become completely immersed in, but she has flourished.

The book covers Ella’s life – not just the here and now, it is her whole life.

It flits from past to present and while others may find issue with that, I think the author hit the nail on the head, Ella needed the opportunity to show us where she had come from and where she was going, she had a story that needed this opportunity to be heard.

Ella loves the limelight but what happens when little miss sparkle meets the man named Danger!

The book is told from alternative points of view, and it is by using this that I fell completely in love with the characters.

I didn’t agree with everything Ella did but I wanted only the best for her.

I could comment on the whole love triangle situation between Ella, Chad and Danger but in all honesty I think that we have all got opinions of how and why a love triangle either does or doesn’t work – so I think that you really should form your own opinion on that situation but I have to say from my point of view, I think the author pulls this one out of the bag, she got the feeling of the situation just right.

The story didn’t grow on me, it hit me hard from the very first chapter.

I loved the characters, the secondary characters added so much to the story that I couldn’t help it when my mind started to wander and wonder, emotionally the story was strong, descriptively and creatively the story was fantastic.


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