by Dallas Cole


New author and Debut Novel…well I think there might be great things to come from this author is this is anything to go by.

While the book may for some follow a predictable path, please don’t let that deter you from picking it up because the content and context more than allows the author to flex her individuality and her attitude.

Elena Drazic is a member (by familial connection) of the Muscleworks Crew. Her Uncle leads the crew and they have been through more than their fair share of hurt since the death of one of their own but it was especially painful because of the other parties involved.

The ties on both sides have cut deep but is everything what it has been made out to be or does the fingers of deception point to a more convoluted situation?

Lennox Solt has served his time but for many it is not long enough.

But for Elena it has been four long years without a man that she had thought would own her heart forever but circumstances tore them apart, can circumstance piece them back together again?

Could Elena move past the pain that the past holds over them and see through the layer of deceit that Lennox is being smothered by?

Would the crew ever allow him to take his rightful place back within the team or would his alienation be terminal?

A choice between a man that she has always loved and an Uncle that is her only family can only be described as being caught between a rock and a hard place but Elena is one tough cookie and is smart enough to piece together the clues that unlock Lennox’s isolation.

As a passionate follower of all things car related, the setting of this book spoke volumes to me and the fact that Elena was the main mechanic of the crew had me itching to get started.

But what actually cemented the whole story was the fact that this author nailed the detail, the terminology, the attitude, the whole shebang!

Topic: Lennox by Dallas Cole

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