In the End

by Ariadne Wayne

While this is the last in the series and can be read as a standalone story, I believe that you will garner much more enjoyment from the tale if you have read the previous stories, especially Sam, much of what you need to know about what makes him the guy he is can be found in book one and I think that having read what he was like previously gave me the opportunity to form a more rounded opinion of him now.

Sam has been building a relationship with Finn, his son, a delightful little guy that has, up until now always thought that Matt was his dad but that takes the news that, that isn’t actually the case in his stride.

I thought the author clearly showed just how we as adults can be guilty of perceiving problems that often never materialise, of overthinking and complicating matters, children don’t have that gene, they take things at face value and they deal with what is before them and Finn was the perfect example of that because by the time their relationship had developed and Finn called Sam “daddy” for the first time I was totally smitten with this little guy!

But being a parent didn’t mean that Sam needed to be a monk, even though he had effectively put the brakes on any semblance of a love life while he got to know his boy, but when he meets Natasha and her daughter Paige, he couldn’t walk away, finally he had a shot at a happiness that so far had eluded him, he had the chance to have what Matt and Ella has a beautiful family, of course it wasn’t going to be as easy as that but the connection that they all formed and shared was one that gave them all room to grow and gave me the opportunity to see Sam for the guy he truly had the potential to be and I was thankful for that.

I liked Natasha, she was a strong woman doing everything she could to ensure that her daughter had the life that she deserved, and that her ex, Dean was kept at arms-length. Please pay attention to this waste of space because Dean will have your teeth on edge! I was spitting chips at just how much I disliked this guy!

 The time we spend with Sam and Natasha and Matt and Ella had me captivated as they moved forward to ensure that each of their families were fulfilled. Emotionally this was an read that had me teetering on the edge, I wanted to know that Sam and Finn were going to be ok and that eventually that Sam would find the happiness that he wasn’t able to keep when he was younger, this was a lesson learnt and that was one that I appreciated.

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