Chasing Charlie

by Aria Cole


To date this is hands down my favourite book by this author.

I loved the contrast between Charlie and Liam, the sassy girl who knocks the wind out of Mr Fancypants’ s sails.

She held nothing back in her life and Liam wasn’t about to make her change her ways, he had a choice to make and through all his alpha posturing he knew he had a fight on his hands to win over this feisty woman.

He may have been living a life far from the privilege he was born into but that status didn’t entitle him to her, because when it came to Charlie he had to win her heart the old fashioned way!

I adored her family even though at time is think they were a little over the top.

I thought Liam showed his true colours, his tenacity was absolutely commendable and his charm knew no bounds. He was willing to go all out to get his girl, and he was willing to use every asset her had to win, and boy did he have more than most in that department.

He adored her and was more than happy to show her just how much, and if you haven’t guessed it already I loved him. He brought a smile to my face that I couldn’t shift!

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