by Staci Hart

Five Stars are not enough, this is one of the books of the year so far…laugh out loud funny and seriously sexy, this has everything you never knew you wanted but that you are going to be totally thrilled that Staci Hart was willing to bestow upon you!

This was exceptional, I know that I haven’t laughed as much in a long, long time, I was totally hooked on every word, on every page.

Penny was perfect, the most magnificent leading woman that you could possibly get, she was perfectly capable of holding her own in whatever situation and didn’t shirk away from making sure that those around her knew exactly how she feels. But could she change her ways and if she did just what would it take?

I chuckled at her self-imposed 3 date rule and couldn’t help but wonder who was going to be the guy to make her see how ridiculous she was being but while I could see that, I wasn’t sure that she would, well until Brodie that was because darn that guy was good at getting right under her skin and breaking down her barriers.

I loved the journey they took, it had everything thrown together that it was always going to either kill or cure them…which would it be?

Topic: BAD PENNY by Staci Hart

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