Intractable Souls

by Tricia Daniels


It’s been a long three years since Olivia nearly lost her life at the hands of her ex, a long lonely three years that have left their mark on her soul and an air of trepidation in her heart, she can’t live the remainder of her life alone but in order to turn that around learning to overcome her major fear, and putting her  trust in the hands of a man again.. and after an initial attempt to dip her toes back into the dating game with her friend Noah, goes horrible wrong, she is back to square one.

Sometimes it is what is right in front of us that we fail to see and I have to say that this is the case for Olivia, because Mr Perfect is front and centre and just begging her to take the final step.

Who you may ask, well no not Noah, it is the delightful Ethan. He has bumped into her a few times and is desperate to get to know her better but can Olivia finally take the plunge?

Terrified of what having a fully-fledged relationship could mean, Olivia settles on a compromise, a friends with benefits situation that she thinks gets them both what they need. How misinformed she is because this non commitment scenario is far from what Ethan has in mind- he wants her completely.

The situation between them is complicated and at time completely convoluted. Olivia is difficult for Ethan to get a handle on and much of that is down to the fact that she changes her mind like she changes her knickers! Honestly the man deserved a medal!!!

Ethan on the other hand finds that the only balm to soothe his temper is Olivia, and when he discovers her past he goes out of his way to show her just how important she is to him. But they are both guilty of keeping secrets, all they need is to open up to each other.

The relationship takes countless twists and turns and they or more accurately Olivia allows outside interference to plant the seed of doubt in her mind again. Really I could have swung for her at this point but a little while later it was both of them that got my back up- I mean Jesus guys get a grip and CRACK ON!!!!

I want Soooooooooooooooooo much for Ethan and Olivia to get their act together, I could scream!! Can’t wait to read book two.