Wreck by Heather C. Leigh

This is family in every possible, conceivable incarnation of the word.
The family in question is the band, and while they are not related by blood, they are connected and committed to each other in every way that could possibly count. These guys are their own support network and the love they share is beautiful to read.
This book is Hawke’s story – well not just him, it is him and Abby and getting this pair to a happy ever after is a long process.
Hawke has very little that he cares about and that includes himself – he is ambivalent about life, it is the means to an end but it means nothing, He has a past that he allows to eat away at him and as the story unfolds the reason for his almost masochistic behaviour is unfurled and I have to say while I don’t necessarily agree with the way he behaves, I do understand.
The story travels with Hawke as he grows, as Abby does everything she can to help him find a happiness that he is willing to accept but she is wasting her time, because until Hawke can open his eyes and see that he has to step up and sort his s**t out.
I loved Abby, the devotion that she had for Hawke was nothing short of exceptional. She had her own issues and she was doing everything she could to keep her past to herself, but how could she help the love of her life when she couldn’t help herself? I wanted more for her.
Sometimes loving someone as much as she loves him, means that you have to step away and that is just what she does, she accepts that they are toxic together, running themselves ragged trying to find a way to make what they have work, when they both know that they have too much baggage for that to be possible.
Will her drastic action be the catalyst that they both need to kick start their futures? Will they see that they are better together than they could ever be apart and will that spur them into action?
I have two confessions to make about this book
1. I cried my eyes out for more of this book than I have any other book this year
2. The books as so good that despite the tears…I’ve read it twice
The book is more emotional than I was anticipating, it was breath taking raw but remarkably sensitive.

Topic: Wreck by Heather C. Leigh

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