Grit by JC Valentine

Single Dad Blake Mahone isn’t your average dad and his son’s kindergarten teacher is about to learn that this particular parent is hazardous to her heart.

Gabby Morgan hasn’t been at the school long, she’s the newbie but she loves her job. But when her student Ash is not only late to class but left kicking his heel waiting at the end of the day, she was beginning to wonder what the heck was going on.

Blake kicked his ex to touch he thought it was for the best but bringing up a kid on his own is proving a tad more complicated than he imagined…no s**t Sherlock! But his son Ash is singularly the most important person to him, so doing everything he can to ensure that he is the dad the little fella needs is means that other aspects of his life are not always easy to juggle…especially when you are also the president of an MC no less.

So school teacher and biker president, this is a tricky path to tread but when there is a pull that you cannot deny you have no choice but to try and find a way to make it work.

Gabby knew that there was something she really didn’t want to fight when it comes to Blake but she has some aspects of her life that she is not ready to share just yet, but Blake isn’t the sort of man that you keep things from, not if you want to keep him!

I loved the connection between Blake and Gabby, and I especially adored Ash. I was keeping everything crossed that they could survive what I suppose could survive the sh**storm that was heading their way.

Super descriptive, the book was very well written but what burst from the page more than just the authors descriptive tones was the passion that she had for the characters she had created. From the get-go they were impossible to put down.

Topic: Grit by JC Valentine

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