Doctor's Virgin

by Roxeanne Rolling

There are more than a few twists and turns in this, so please make sure you pay close attention to the details that the author has poured into the story because they are there for a reason!

I found that some of the situations were not what I would have expected and while initially Liam comes across as a bit of an ass, I stuck with him in the hope that somewhere along the line what appeared to be an almost blasé attitude would be curtailed. And I have to say that my patience was rewarded.

Liam is great at his job as a brain surgeon, but his reputation precedes him and he is always in demand but when his friend Ryan asks for his assistance in treating his seriously ill daughter, Liam jumped at the chance not only to help a colleague but to also try and decipher what was going on. I got the impression that it was the challenge of being the person to find a solution to the illness where others had failed that was ultimately his driving force rather than friendship.

But when he meets Mia, his motivational urgency shifts completely because he doesn’t just want to help find a cure for her medical condition, he needed to find her a cure for himself because he was totally smitten and that was a totally alien situation for him.

Mia was a super character, the perfect woman for Liam but could he find a cure in order to get the woman that had finally taken the wind out of his sails…well that was the question?

A quick, clever read that had a lot going on!

Topic: Doctor's Virgin by Roxeanne Rolling

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