He Wants Me Book 4 by Julia Swift

Bang, and the story is off and running like its life depending on it!

This sets off a break neck speed and if you don’t latch on sharpish, it will leave you in its wake, I loved this book, just like I have the whole series so far, so much packed powerfully into an amazing punchy little packet!!!

Megan and Landon and everything is on its ass! Landon is laying low and Megan is playing fast and loose with the truth in a bid to buy time and find enough evidence to prove that Landon has nothing to worry about with regards to the criminal charges he could face.

Now, Megan knows in her heart that she can trust Landon but that trust may have come at a price, because her determination to clear his name has put her on someone’s radar and the potential outcome of that situation could very well be terminal.

Threats are running around all over the place, they never seem to have time to themselves, time to spend a just a minute of quality time without looking over their shoulders.

The angst is tangible, the level of danger slowly builds as the pages are turned and by the end I found it difficult not to bang the kindle off my forehead – I was desperate for more!!!

Now, the two of them seem to be pulling in the same direction, Landon is sure he knows where to find the information he needs is to be able to get the law off his case and looking at the most likely candidate but getting to that point is not as easy as they might have hoped.

Topic: He Wants Me Book 4 by Julia Swift

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