Love Tap by M N Forgy

I had a feeling from the outset that I was going to get my a** handed to me on a plate with this book and I was not wrong.

I loved the fact that this was told from both points of view and that both the main characters were fighters.

Tatum was not your average girl, no she took being one of the lads to the max, she was never comfortable in the paraphernalia of your average little lady, no she was ready to kick some butt and now she was all grown up she hadn’t changed.

I liked the contracts between her personality, although she was genuinely comfortable in the ring, her heart was still the most feminine trait he wore, because it was on her sleeve and she couldn’t hide it no matter how hard she tried and she did try.

She has only ever loved Camden but I didn’t know that he was the right man for her…was I right? Well that you will need to read and find out for yourself but I will say one thing be prepared because Camden doesn’t suffer fools gladly, he is as alpha as they come and when it comes to Tatum, he is sure that he knows exactly what she not only needs but desires.

Tatum was the one that slipped through his net previously the woman he wanted but never got and now that she is on his radar again, he will stop at nothing to not only get her but to also keep her.

This was more than your average sport romance, this pair were more than your average kick ass couple, they had a past that was harsh but realistic and they had attitude by the binload. They had so much to overcome that I really didn’t know whether they could. But I was completely captivated by the depths to which they were both prepared to delve in order to achieve their respective goals.

I absolutely applaud the author far a book that was a complete knock out.

Topic: Love Tap by M N Forgy

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