Trust Again by Christy Newton

There was more than candy to keep me interested in this delightful book

When Ellie skips out on her violent partner and heads home to take over her father’s toy shop, she has big plans for her future now she is finally free.

But when her father employ’s Jacob to renovate the store to accommodate Christy’s plans, neither of them know that fate is stirring their very own jelly bean jar.

Despite the events that she has run from and the demons that Jake has tucked up inside, the minute they clap eyes on each other – the flame of interest is ignited and no matter the fact that both of them are reluctant to act upon their feelings, it is a case of when and not if they manage to get together.

I loved Ellie, her character was developed and well rounded, she felt so real that it took little effort to imagine her chatting to the kids in her store, bringing some sunshine into their day.

Jacob has issues, ones that he has still not fully gotten over. Trust is a big thing for him – the betrayal from his past betrayal weighs heavily on his mind, but Ellie opens up the chance to move forward and it is only with her that he can see that he is prepared to try to have a relationship.

Jacob was so lovely, if you had to write a list of everything you are looking for in a man – you might as well just write Jacob-he was romantic, charming and sweet. The way he woo’s Ellie, planning thoughtful trips and dates, trying to be everything he believed she deserved in a man, when he was that anyway and so much more.

The story touched on some sensitive subjects, but I thought the situation with Ellie and Bryce was handled well.

Domestic violence is a brave subject to tackle in fiction, it deserves to be treated with the utmost respect. Victims of abuse in whichever form never forget what they have been through, Trust Again was empathetic to a situation that will have resonated with many. I found a new hate figure in Bryce – the man was pure evil. I had everything crossed that he got his comeuppance.

The story is an out and out romance, the connection was tangible and the flow of events was credible. They were not unscathed, they has real issues but overall they showed that wherever possible we cannot allow the events of our pasts to prevent you from finding happiness .

A quick, absorbing read that was engaging yet thought provoking.