Inconclusive Evidence

by Reily Garrett

Each book by this author brings yet another dimension to the table and I find myself becoming an even bigger fan.
I find the mystery element of the books is liberally interspersed with romance, so neither seems to take precedence, they both share the limelight and that suits me right down to the ground.
Megan is laying low, doing what she can to protect herself just long enough to find out what exactly she has gotten caught up in.
Following the death of her best friend Jackie, an investigative journalist, Megan is knee deep in a mystery that she really has no place or desire being in but that doesn’t mean that she is ready to walk away, far from it. She knows that the information contained in the papers that she has in her possession is enough to reap havoc on a group of people who are willing to stop at nothing to prevent the fact that they have been illegally carrying out experiments on not only animals but humans from becoming headline news.
The only question was would Megan be the woman to bring their empire crashing down around them or would she be yet another in their extensive list of victims?
So what about the romance I hear you cry, well you won't be disappointed.
Lucas is recovering from a gunshot wound and enjoying the peace and quiet that his cabin brings, life as a cop is tough but after the death of his partner and his own close call he has no time nor inclination to play nice with others, he needs time to get his head on straight and recuperate.
Megan, of course, is trying to keep her head below the radar and hiding out in the woods seemed like as good a place as any to carry that out, little did she know that her elected hideaway was going to have an additional occupant…other than her and her dog that is. Lucas really didn’t want anything to do with Megan (or her dog) and he was far from affable and not averse to making sure that she knew of his displeasure.
I think the depth of detail that the author imparted was exquisite, I thought at times a thesaurus may be required but I needn’t have worried because no matter how complex, the author had my back, and boy did I need her!
I could never have anticipated just how apprehensive I would feel as the story unfold, I was aghast with the drama and the intensity of the medical drama that unfolded… if you haven’t guessed already, I thought the book was sensational.

Topic: Inconclusive Evidence by Reily Garrett

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