by Audrey Carlan


Right where to start, this another month with Mia, I don’t want to divulge too much because to be honest the book is worth a read- honestly you will like Mia.

She seems to have changed tact in this book slightly and I have to say that I found the interaction with Tony, one very handsome Italian was different from what I had initially anticipated.

The whole book wasn’t what I had initially thought it would be, it gave Mia a platform to show that she was level-headed enough to be able to cope with her situation, but I got the impression in some respects that she was almost indulging herself in the old philosophy of trying to have your cake and eat it but would that be the case? I hope not.

Life will play you for a fool if you are prepared to act like one and even more so if you are prepared to let others treat you like one. Mia is no-ones fool but has a way to go with life lessons I think, she is learning that love and respect are earned.

Tony and Mia are great, they work well together but he is not Wes. It was nice that she got to bond not only with Tony but with his family and that through him she learns more than she could have anticipated – and finally the penny has dropped in my brain and I think I can see where exactly the author is going with this series and I have to say that I like her style!

The author is on her toes with this book and I have to say that not only is her writing is exemplary, her attention to detail and the descriptive hues and tones that she adds to the text are glorious, it enhances the picture that I have in my head from just plain old colour to full HD – and I can’t thank her enough for that.