The Lies I've Told

by J.L. Berg

From an exceptional author comes not only a fabulous addition to her “By The Bay” series but also an emotionally charged, beautifully complicated read.
The flow was faultless, the tempo and tone worked perfectly and the characterization was absolutely on point. With just enough angst to be interesting, there was little not to like about this the third in the series.
I couldn’t help but find myself cheering from the sidelines for both Millie and Aiden, I got that they each had their issues and that they were far from easy to get a handle on but I just felt drawn to them both and read much of the book with my fingers crossed for the two of them.
Be prepared to run the gamut of emotions with this story, I found myself chuckling on a number of occasions, probably inappropriately at times but by the end, I couldn’t help but wipe away a tear or two.
Highly recommended.

Topic: The Lies I've Told by J.L. Berg

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