Right to My Wrong by Lani Lynn Vale


If there is one thing that Lani Lynn Vale has nailed bang to rights it is how to dish up an alpha man, every single one of her guys could be the poster boy for that cause, they all have alpha down to a very fine art and Sterling, man oh man he was rocking his own definition and he was damn fin e while he was doing it, Ruthie was a lucky woman having this sexy SOB in her life.

The Dixie Wardens have been my stand out series of the last year and as for Lani, I am now the proud owner of every single one of her books.

Sterling and Ruthie met up in Counter to My Intelligence, and I wasn’t sure that they would actually get a story of their own but I was thrilled that they did because I wanted to see them happy.

Sterling was a Navy Seal and while many of the guys had military backgrounds, Sterling was slightly different in as much as he was still in the Navy and was well equipped to be deployed on the most dangerous of missions at a moment’s notice. His squad didn’t just take off for the run of the mill emergencies, they were the elite, the best of the best and with them it wasn’t only lives that were on the line, it was everything.

Ruthie well we know that spent time in prison for the death of her ex-husband at her hand. Life is far from easy for Ruthie, she seems to be the butt of a campaign to get her moved out of her home, she is constantly getting tickets from a particularly zealous cop and top that with the fact that she almost believes that she deserves the angst and you have a recipe for disaster.

I hated her self-doubt and the fact that she put up with more than she should have, she needed to stand tall, she had done her time and when it comes down to it, her ex wasn’t worth her pain, not now and definitely not now.

When Sterling showed an interest it was hard for her to accept that he might actually like her for who she is on the inside, for the person that she kept locked away but he couldn’t deny that she was attracted to him. But his job and the uncertainly that that involved was another dynamic that for Ruthie meant she had to learn to trust, a foreign concept for her, especially where men are concerned.

When Sterling goes missing on a mission, I was alongside Ruthie every step of the way and if I could have held her hand while she counted the days until she could hold him again, I would have done so in a heartbeat, the one person that had broken through her wall and she just couldn’t lose him.

The love between the two of them shone off the page, they were a super couple, they fit well together, they were strong but both had a vulnerability about them that meant they were just what each other needed, they were the perfect fit.

The angst and anxiousness that this book brought out in me was more than I thought I would get, normally these guys wrap me up and make me feel safe, I know they love their women, I just have to bear with them while they get to grips with it all themselves and Sterling was no different

I super series that is now on my re-read list and I might just have to have that duvet day really soon!!

Topic: Right to My Wrong by Lani Lynn Vale

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